AMCTO 2019 Annual Conference

Matthew Heuman

Hello Clerks of Ontario, Neuvote was developed to answer some of the toughest criticisms regarding online voting, specifically how to make it more secure, more transparent and more engaging. Over the years we’ve learned just how tough running an election. I’ve also learned how passionate and hard all of you work to increase voter turnout. I am proud to present to you a way to secure your elections with cutting edge technology and engage voters in visual way that provides paramount voter identification and also allows voters to see their ballot get marked and counted with confidence. But what we have created is just the start and we need your help to develop a system specifically for Ontario municipalities. It would be my distinct pleasure to have the chance to speak with you and hear what you have to say to help us accomplish this goal. Please reach out, let us demonstrate the system and let us hear your feedback, your suggestions and most importantly, your stories about running the most important system of our society. It’s been a great privilege to work with some of you over the last year and I sincerely look forward to speaking to all the clerks in the years to come. I hope our platform can make voting easier for not just the administrators but also all the voters across Ontario. Regards, Matthew Heuman CEO / Neuvote

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