The Hybrid Mobile Voting System

Neuvote has pioneered the most secure and comprehensive mobile voting application available today. Our Hybrid Mobile Voting System combines both digital and analog security methods. Our patent pending digital-to-paper mobile voting technology connects voters remotely to the paper ballot, enhancing voter access while maintaining traditional voting security features such as human visual verification and visual ballot confirmation.

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About Neuvote Systems

Neuvote is a mobile voting company with a unique patent pending platform that facilitates secure voting online through a hybrid security model. Our technology builds on the established and trusted paper ballot by providing the voter with real-time visual confirmation their ballot was marked.

Neuvote is committed to strengthening democracy by overcoming all barriers to mobile voting, particularly in high stakes elections which require the highest grade security. Our team has 65+ years in the technology sector with 40 of those years dealing with high profile financial security projects dating back to the 80s.


In order to provide the most secure and effective mobile voting solution, Neuvote collaborates with Election Administrators and leading Election Infrastructure Vendors to provide the most secure mobile voting offering possible. Neuvote is in the process of developing key partnerships. If you are interested in partnering with Neuvote, please Email Us.

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