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Full-suite election management technology that offers secure voter management and online voting solutions

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Neuvote empowers citizens to stay engaged and vote online, with the most secure and advanced technology available

Bridging the Gap Between Voters and Candidates

Civik is a revolutionary platform designed to secure elections, fight misinformation and optimize communication between voters, citizens and governments. Civik combines world class solutions to provide all the tools a government and voter will need to connect in a way that has never been possible before.

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Online Voting technology
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Unleashing the Power of Easy Election Management

Our EMS allows governments to easily move their existing election infrastructure online without sacrificing the security, trust, and familiarity of the traditional voting experience.

Enhanced Accuracy with advanced features like voter verification
Increased Efficiency by centralizing election management tasks
A user-friendly interface allows election staff and candidates to access relevant information.
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Your Trusted Partner for Secure Online Elections

Neuvote offers innovative technology for comprehensive and secure election management. Our state-of-the-art paper ballot-secured online voting and civic engagement platform ensures fair, transparent, and trustworthy elections, making us a reliable choice for governments.

Democracy as a Service

Pioneers in the online voting industry, we offer a subscription-based platform to manage voters, engage citizens and deliver safe, secure online voting services for a cost-effective flat rate for organizations of all sizes: registration, voting, project support and more.

Experience and expertise

Neuvote is partnered with the world's leading technology and election service companies. Our combined teams of experts - in software development, data security, and project management - provide accessible, innovative, secure election management services.
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What Makes Us Different?

We bring voting solutions to make the process easier for elections managers

Flexible & Customizable

Our EMS can be tailored to each client's specific needs, allowing for a more customized and effective solution.

Total Security

Backed by state-actor mitigated security and end-to-end verifiability, each vote is encrypted and secured from the moment a voter casts their ballot until it is tabulated.


Neuvote’s technology ensures that every vote is counted accurately, reducing the risk of errors and improving the overall accuracy of the election results.


Neuvote’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for election administrators and voters to understand and use the system, improving the overall experience for all users.

Complete election management system

Built-in Flexibility

Neuvote’s Election Management System is completely flexible, allowing Governments to pick and choose the modules that are most important to meeting their needs.

Our EMS can also be incorporated into existing voting methods and platforms.

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Vote remotly

Voters Registration

Easily manage registrations for any election size and can be adapted to meet voter registration requirements in any jurisdiction or country.

Voter Portal

Our Voter Portal provides the most seamless voting experience that voters can easily understand.

Admin Portal

Access information on election stats, voter information, voter registration status, authentication, and more.

Civik Community Engagement

Educate and inform citizens about local events and news of importance and facilitate communication about issues and ideas.

Online Voting

Nevuote simplifies online voting by offering a dedicated dashboard to let voters easily cast their ballots.

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