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Vote Tabulators

Tabulators automate the vote-counting process, minimizing errors and delays in the election process. Neuvote's tabulators have a user-friendly interface and robust hardware, making them easy to use and efficiently handle large volumes of votes. There are several benefits to using Neuvote's tabulators for elections:
  • Improved accuracy:
    With Neuvote's tabulators, elections can be conducted accurately and fairly, minimizing the risk of errors occurring when votes are counted by hand.
  • Faster results:
    Tabulators can count large volumes of votes quickly and efficiently, leading to faster and more reliable results.
  • Increased efficiency:
    By automating the vote-counting process, governments can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manually counting.
  • Enhanced security:
    Neuvote's tabulators are designed with safety in mind, providing an extra layer of protection against fraud or tampering.
  • Reduced costs:
    By using tabulators, governments can reduce the costs associated with manual vote counting, eliminating the need for additional staff and resources.
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Technical Support

Neuvote's support services are designed to assist clients at every stage of the election process, from technical support to election planning and execution services. Our 24/7 technical support team is available to provide timely assistance and address any issues that may arise. Governments can rely on Neuvote's expertise to navigate the complexities of election management, from setting up polling stations to delivering ballots, ensuring that your elections run smoothly and efficiently
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Online Voting On laptop


Neuvote's training programs are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, covering a wide range of topics, including election security, data management, and best practices in election management. By providing training programs for our clients, we empower governments to build their capacity and expertise in election management, leading to better outcomes for governments and citizens.
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A Suite of Services

  • Automation:
    Automating the vote-counting process, minimizing errors and delays.
  • Customer Support:
    Providing comprehensive support services to assist with every stage of the election process.
  • Election Management:
    Empowering governments to build capacity and expertise in election management through tailored training programs.
  • Low Cost:
    Saving on staffing, training, and infrastructure costs.
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