A New World
in Civic Communication

Civik is a revolutionary platform designed to secure elections, fight misinformation, and optimize communication between voters, citizens, and governments. Neuvote created the platform as a response to the challenges posed by past elections, the pandemic, and the lack of digitization of electoral processes.

We are striving to make democracy more inclusive, participatory, and responsive and believe that Civik has harnessed the power of world-class technologies to provide all the tools a government and voter will need to connect in a way that has never happened before.

Matthew Heuman
CEO of Neuvote

Civik Engagement platform

Civik’s Distinctive Features

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News guarded by Newsguard

To ensure truthfulness and protect individuals from misinformation on Civik, we have partnered with NewsGuard, which provides credibility ratings and rationale for those ratings for thousands of news and information sources across the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada. There are only reliable sources on Civik.
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Fostering Community-Driven Engagement

This feature allows citizens to connect and make their voices heard within Civik "Communities" focused on the residents in a defined geography. Very simply it is:
  • Improved accuracy:
    A forum for relevant news, opinions, and discussions that let respective representatives and fellow citizens know what matters most.
  • Faster results:
    Identifies city ‘issues’ that need addressing, such Is traffic, schools, and construction.
  • Increased efficiency:
    Provides elected officials with a “finger on the pulse” of their communities and a key vehicle to engage and respond to their constituents.
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Easy Online Petitions

This is one of the many features that sets our platform apart from others. We have created a tool to foster e-democracy — an easy way for citizens to address issues of importance to their communities using the Internet to create, disseminate and sign online petitions with just one click.

Ask for support
In the future, citizens can send petitions to friends and acquaintances requesting them to sign with a digital signature.

Filing your petition
Signed petitions can then be sent to the respective government representative for review and action.
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Verified User/Candidates' Accounts

Harmful Bots and fake accounts have flooded modern social networks. So we created a safe place on the Civik platform with only verified accounts. This will not only facilitate interaction between users, but will help increase trust in candidates and city representatives.
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Anonymous Posting - or Not!

With Civik, both public discussion and anonymity have a significant role in fostering practical online debate, so we provide both options for every user at their discretion.

User privacy is our goal
Each user can select to post and reply either anonymously or publicly and feel free to talk about what matters to them in the way that they feel most comfortable.
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Candidate Profiles

There is no need to go to Twitter, Facebook, or a candidate's website to find out about his or her political campaign or ask a question.

Full engagement experience
Our platform allows voters and political candidates at the municipal, provincial and federal levels to talk to each other. Participants can ask and answer questions about policies and programs that promote constructive dialogue before, during, and after an election and engage each other continuously.
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City Profiles

This feature will help citizens find information about your city: where roads are closed for repairs, draft laws for review, what to pay attention to when next elections are held, who is running for mayor, and much more. In short, it will be a personal blog about your city.

Candidates & Events Management
The Advanced City Dashboard function, enables the creation of city-specific news and events. Organizing a charity party or lecture event will become easier, no matter when and where. The same function will be available for managing Candidates' and Representatives' Events.


This is an excellent feature for city representatives and politicians looking for volunteers for events or campaigns as well as active citizens who will help build interactions with voters.

It will also open doors for citizens looking to volunteer.


The Donation feature is one of our most ambitious plans for the future. When launched, it will make it easier for campaign teams to organize fundraisers among their voters and collect donations.

Online appointments

Civik enables citizens to make appointments online with their representatives and other government personnel through an online request form for a desired date and time. The target civil servant then has the opportunity to accept, reject or offer alternatives - saving time and energy for all.

Benefiting All Users 

Civik Engagement Platform provides access to safe, secure online voting, time-saving, information gathering, and dissemination of community news, issues, and relevant decision-making for voters/citizens, community managers and administrators, and city representatives—a win for all.

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