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Neuvote's Secure and Convenient
Online Voting Platform

Our Online Voting Platform, which is integrated within our Election Management Suite (EMS) is secure, accessible, convenient and fast, allowing voters to cast their ballots electronically anywhere, anytime without visiting a polling station. It includes voter registration and onboarding, event creation and management, and election report generation.

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Simple Voter Experience

We provide voters with a seamless voting experience through the Neuvote Voter Dashboard. After registering and onboarding, voters can access their particular election event, which can be federal, municipal, provincial/state, private, unions, and others. They can then cast their ballot and track their voting status and receipt through the Voter Dashboard.
Free to Vote

Administration Made Easy 

The Neuvote Admin Dashboard provides election offices with the tools to create events, manage election timing, generate election reports, and manage voter lists and authentication. Some of the features of the Neuvote Admin Dashboard include:
  • Event Creation:
    Allows administrators to create new events by entering relevant information such as event name, date, time, location, description, and logo.
  • Election Timing and Start/End Dates:
    Enables administrators to manage the timing of the election events, including start and end dates.
  • Election Reports Generation:
    Generates detailed reports on the election process, including voter turnout, voting patterns, and other election statistics.
  • Voter List Management:
    Helps administrators maintain the voters' list, approve registered voters, and track voting status.
  • Voter Authentication:
    This enables voters to create online accounts using a unique link and their registered phone numbers to access the voting platform and cast their votes.
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