The Hybrid Mobile Voting System

Neuvote has pioneered the most secure and comprehensive mobile voting application available today. Our Hybrid Mobile Voting System combines the best elements of online and traditional voting to create the most secure and accessible way to vote remotely. Our patent pending digital-to-paper mobile voting technology connects voters directly to their paper ballot, for complete election transparency and auditability.

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About Neuvote & The Hybrid Method

Neuvote is an online voting company with a unique patent pending platform that facilitates secure voting online through a hybrid security model. Our technology builds on the established and trusted paper ballot by providing the voter with real-time visual confirmation that their ballot was marked.

Hybrid means the best components of digital and traditional voting. In addition to the paper ballot, Neuvote features full end-to-end verifiability and risk limiting audit compliance.

Cyber Security Review

Neuvote is committed to providing the most secure online voting platform and welcomes technical review from academics and cyber security researchers. Please contact us below if you are interested in taking part in our testing program.

Neuvote Pilot Program

If you are an election official interested in using the Hybrid Mobile Voting System for your election please contact us using the form below to book a demonstration of our cutting edge platform.

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